C-130 Hercules

The C-130 Hercules has been in active duty for 65 years and it will probably fly for several more decades. It is by far the most used military transport aircraft at the moment, in service with more than 70 countries. Our newest book is on the C-130 and it won’t surprise you that we had our work with it. It resulted in a 196 page book, showingall current versions of the Hercules (and Super Hercules). More than 550 photos in 196 pages !We’ve been working for 2 years on book #9 in the series. And it is a big one! In nearly 200 pages, we bring a complete portrait of this most iconic transport aircraft of the last 65 years.We’re proud to present it to you in this Newsletter. The book was launched at ScaleModelWorld in Telford in the United Kingdom and is now ready for shipment. Order your copies now at ... So, order your copiesnow at ms.nila.hawkins@gmail.com !

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DH016 - SF.260-001
DH015 - Phantom-001
DH014 - Skyhawk-001(1)
DH013 - Mirage III-001(1)
DHS001 - Juan Carlos-001
DH012 - MiG 31-001
DH011 - Harrier II-001
DH010 - Mirage F1-001_edited
DH009 - C-130-001
DH008 - Hornet-001
DH006 - Typhoon 001
DH007 - Viggen 001
DHSLE001 - Dark Falcon 001
DH005 - Tornado-001
DH004 - MiG 29-001