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The MIG 31

DH012 - MiG 31-001
DH012 - MiG 31-002
DH012 - MiG 31-003
DH012 - MiG 31-004
DH012 - MiG 31-005
DH012 - MiG 31-006

Our book on the MiG-31 is the first to offer you a very close-up of the Russian jet, capable of flying at speeds of 3.000 km/h. Nearly 300 photos show every side of the large interceptor and a lot of action during training and operational missions. For this book, we worked closely with a Navigator/WSO who has been flying missions on the MiG-31 for nearly 20 years. This book shows the differences between the different types, as well as cockpit details! 

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