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The F-4 Phantom II

DH015 - Phantom-001
DH015 - Phantom-002
DH015 - Phantom-003
DH015 - Phantom-004
DH015 - Phantom-005
DH015 - Phantom-006
DH015 - Phantom-007
DH015 - Phantom-008
DH015 - Phantom-009

DH-015 is a 196-page book on the F-4 Phantom II, more specifically the E, F, EJ, RF-4C, RF-4E and QF-4E. Every detail of the aircraft is included in this book, including the cockpit, landing gear, wings and fuselage, but also an extensive chapter is included on the maintenance of the famous Phantom II. Separate chapters are included on aircraft from Greece, Germany, Japan, Turkey, South Korea, USAF and Iran. With 196 pages, this is an extensive portrait, including some spectacular action and air-to-air photography.

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