The SIAI Marchetti SF.260

DH016 - SF.260-001
DH016 - SF.260-002
DH016 - SF.260-003
DH016 - SF.260-004
DH016 - SF.260-005
DH016 - SF.260-006

DH-016 is an 84-page book on the SIAI Marchetti SF.260. This book will bring a complete portrait of the agile trainer that has been in use for over 5 decades. The aircraft, which has flown with over 30 air forces, will be shown in every detail: fuselage, engine, wings, cockpit and action. Different versions are included: D, M, W as well as the turboprop powered SF.260TP. This book includes aircraft of Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Turkey, Libya, Burkina Faso, Uruguay, Philippines and Sri Lanka. An extensive chapter on the maintenance of the SF.260 is included.

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DH016 - SF.260-001
DH015 - Phantom-001
DH014 - Skyhawk-001(1)
DH013 - Mirage III-001(1)
DHS001 - Juan Carlos-001
DH012 - MiG 31-001
DH011 - Harrier II-001
DH010 - Mirage F1-001_edited
DH009 - C-130-001
DH008 - Hornet-001
DH006 - Typhoon 001
DH007 - Viggen 001
DHSLE001 - Dark Falcon 001
DH005 - Tornado-001
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DH016 - SF.260-006