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The A-400M Atlas

DH019 - A-400M-001
DH019 - A-400M-002
DH019 - A-400M-003
DH019 - A-400M-004
DH019 - A-400M-005
DH019 - A-400M-006

DH-019 is a 140 page book on Europe's newest military transport aircraft, the Airbus A-400M Atlas. This impressive aircraft has been built to replace the C-130 Hercules and the C-160 Transall, even though it is significantly bigger than either of them. This book includes every detail of the aircraft, from the fuselage, wings and tails to the landing gear, engines and propellers. As is tradition, a large section on the aircraft's cockpit is included, as is a chapter on the Atlas in maintenance and lots of action!

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