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The Sukhoi Su-35S Flanker E

DH020 - Flanker E-001
DH020 - Flanker E-002
DH020 - Flanker E-003
DH020 - Flanker E-004
DH020 - Flanker E-005
DH020 - Flanker E-006

DH-020 is possibly even more impressive; it is the first real close-up of the new Sukhoi Su-35S Flanker E, or Super Flanker. An impressive jet fighter with thrust vectoring engine nozzles, a completely glass cockpit and redesigned fuselage, this book offers for the first time a look at every detail. From the nose, landing gear, landing gear bays, fuselage, spine and wings to the horizontal and vertical tails; nothing is overlooked. 116 pages of details! Of course, the specific features of the engine nozzle are not forgotten. A chapter of 8 pages on the aircraft's glass cockpit, with two large Multi-Functional Displays is included in this book, as well as some really impressive action photography, giving you a glimpse into the agility and manoeuvrability of the newest in the Flanker family. 

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