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The Fitter

DH023 - Fitter-001-1
DH023 - Fitter-002
DH023 - Fitter-003
DH023 - Fitter-004
DH023 - Fitter-005

DH-023 - The action in this book comprises of great ground action, but also some stunning air-to-air photos, taken over several years! The aircraft me be a design of the 1960s, but we show you why it still is an impressive fighter, more than 50 years later. 


Of course, we bring an extensive look at the cockpit of the Fitter, both the single seat and the two-seat version. We even show you the ejection seat out of the cockpit!

The maintenance chapter in our 23rd book is possibly the biggest one we’ve ever done. We go into detail of the entire aircraft during maintenance. We show the engine, engine bay, wing pivot mechanism, spine, avionics systems and a lot more!

The Sukhoi Su-22 Fitter is the export version of the Russian built Su-17. In this book, we have    04 stuffed over 350 photos of details and action, just waiting to be discovered !

No detail of the aircraft is omitted; the entire fuselage from every possible side, the revolutionary swing-wings, the landing gear, vertical tail, welll: just about everything. This was possible after many visits to Swidwin AFB of the Polish Air Force, that helped us for this book and even provided us with many unique photos !

This is a complete photographic portrait in 350 photos and 140 pages!

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