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F-104 Starfighter

DH025 - Starfighter-001
DH025 - Starfighter-002
DH025 - Starfighter-003
DH025 - Starfighter-004
DH025 - Starfighter-005
DH025 - Starfighter-006
DH025 - Starfighter-007
DH025 - Starfighter-008
DH025 - Starfighter-009

DH-025 This huge book - 180 pages !! - brings a complete portrait of the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter. Types
include the early versions, but mainly the F-104F/ G/J/S and even the F-104S-ASA/M. Of course, the two-seat TF-104G isn’t forgotten. The Starfighter has been active for exactly 50 years, but even today, some are still flown in the USA. These aircraft, flown by Starfighter Aerospace, are not forgotten in this book. In this book, we show you all the differences between the subtypes.

There isn’t a detail that is overlooked in this book; showing sometimes overlooked details. Detailed photos of the fuselage, wings, landing gear, vertical and horizontal tails are mixed with spectacular action photographs from active aircraft from many countries.

A huge chapter in this book is dedicated to the cockpit of the Starfighter. We show every detail of
the single seat F-104G, the S and both cockpits of the two-seat Starfighter!

As with every of the Duke Hawkins books, an extensive maintenance chapter is included, showing some rarely seen details!

For this book Starfighters from many countries were photographed. Starfighters from the following countries are included in this book: USA, Canada, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Turkey, Greece, Norway, Denmark, Taiwan and Spain. With over 450 photos !

For this book, we worked with several organizations restoring one or more Starfighters, such as the Friends of the Starfighter in Norway, the Dutch Starfighter Association and the Canadian Starfighter Museum.

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