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Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback

DH029 - Fullback-001
DH029 - Fullback-002
DH029 - Fullback-003
DH029 - Fullback-004
DH029 - Fullback-005
DH029 - Fullback-006
DH029 - Fullback-007
DH029 - Fullback-008

DH-029 is a 140 page book on the Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback. This book shows the huge fighter-bomber in never before seen detail and action !

The Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback is one of the most modern jets in the inventory of the Russian Air Force. Operational since 2014,

the huge twoengine fighter bomber was designed to replace the Su-24 Fencer. Although it is an impressive aircraft, the current war in Ukraine shows that it also can be vulnerable for ground fire. At the time of writing, 20 of the type have been lost.

The Su-34 is shown in every possible detail in this book. Currently the jets are flown in 2 types of camouflage, but there are differences between the type that are included in this book. This is the first book to give a real upclose look at the Fullback.

The cockpit of the Su-34 Fullback is shown in great detail, both the intial version and the updated cockpit. 10 (!) pages show every screen, dial, throttle, stick and ejection seats!

The wings, fuselage, landing gear, cockpit access, vertical tails, pylons and ordnance are shown in greater detail than before.

Ideal for scale modellers!

The book is packed with Fullback action, both on the ground and in the air. Even air-to-air refuelling photos, with 95% of the photos never before published!

With some 300 photos !

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