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Boeing B-1B Lancer

DH027 - B-1B Lancer-001
DH027 - B-1B Lancer-002
DH027 - B-1B Lancer-003
DH027 - B-1B Lancer-004
DH027 - B-1B Lancer-005
DH027 - B-1B Lancer-006
DH027 - B-1B Lancer-007
DH027 - B-1B Lancer-008

DH-027 This huge book - 180 pages !! - brings a complete portrait of the Rockwell - now Boeing - B-1B Lancer,
the USAF’s large swing-wing bomber, equipped with 4 high performance engines, allowing it to fly supersonic. It is the only bomber of this size capable of flying at this speed. The aircraft is designed to fly at very low altitudes into enemy territory.

There isn’t a detail that is overlooked in this book; every part of the fuselage, wings, landing gear, vertical and horizontal tails are mixed with spectacular action photographs from aircraft based at Dyess Air Force Base or Ellsworth Air Force Base.

Flying at low level through the mountains; this is what the aircraft is made for and at which the crews train a lot. Spectacular action photos show the aircraft as never before!

A huge chapter in this book is dedicated to the cockpit of the B-1B. We show every detail of the front and the back cockpit of the 4 crew members.

As with every one of the Duke Hawkins books, an extensive maintenance chapter is included, showing some rarely seen details! These photos were taken at Ellsworth AFB by Dave Chng.

With over 400 photos !

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