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Northrop F-5 Tiger II & Freedom Fighter

DH028 - F-5-001
DH028 - F-5-002
DH028 - F-5-003
DH028 - F-5-004
DH028 - F-5-005
DH028 - F-5-006

DH-028 is a 140 page book on the Northrop F-5, a jet that has been active for 6 (!) decades. With over 320 photos, this is a complete portrait of both the Tiger II and Freedom Fighter

The Northrop F-5 is a compact and highly agile fighter jet that was developped some 60 years ago. The quality of the aircraft is demonstrated by the fact that 6 decades later, it is still in active service in many air forces. The first 100 pages of this book are devoted to the F-5E/F/N Tiger II, which was developped from the F-5A/B Freedom Fighter. This earlier type of the aircraft is covered in the last 40 pages of the book.

Action and close-up! This book includes both the single seat F-5E/N and the two-seat F-5F. The photos were taken from jets of the US Navy and US Marines, but also jets of Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, Austria, Taiwan and other countries are included.

The cockpit of each type is shown in this book, as well as the two types of ejection seats that are used in the jet. Front and back seat, upgraded and standard. A huge chapter on the Spanish F-5BM is included.

Nothing is overlooked: fuselage, wings, landing gear, speed brakes, vertical tail, stabilisors, canopy, engine exhausts, ... As usual, the book includes maintenance photos, but this time in 2 different chapters! Action on the ground and in the air of the colourful jets show the dynamic performance to good effect !

Over 320 photos in 140 pages !

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