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North American T-6 Harvard/Texan

DHC002 - T-6-001-1
DHC002 - T-6-002
DHC002 - T-6-003
DHC002 - T-6-004
DHC002 - T-6-005

Thousands of pilots have learned how to fly at the controls of the North American T-6 Texan/Harvard.

That alone would be a great reason to make a book on this aircraft. Today, for many aircraft enthusiasts, the T-6 is an accessible aircraft to fly or have a flight in. Quite a few of the type are still in airworthy condition and we for this book, we had a really close look at many of them.

There are many different types of the T-6 and in this book, we will try to show you what they are. The photos were taken from many different aircraft, all in airworthy conditions, with special attention given to those in an original state. No detail of the aircraft is overlooked: the entire fuselage, wings, vertical tail, canopy, engine: everything is included in this book !

This book has over 280 photos in 116 pages. On the ground, in the air, in the maintenance hangar, we photographed the T-6 everywhere we could! With this book, we will support the Dutch Royal Air Force Historic Flight. A huge chapter on the maintenance of the T-6 is included in this book. With the fuselage panels removed, no detail is missing! Ideal for the aircraft enthusiasts and scale modelers.

We’ve had a ton of fun making this newest book in our series. Of course we include a close-up of the Pratt & Whitney Wasp engine, as well a very close look at the cockpit of the Harvard/Texan, both the front seat as the back seat !

While we will continue this series at a good pace, our first series on modern military aircraft will continue to grow at the usual pace as well! So prepare for a lot of new releases in 2022 !!!

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