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Juan Carlos I Aircraft Carrier

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Juan Carlos I Aircraft Carrier


We’re very proud to present you with our first book in a new series – this time on aircraft carriers: a 108 page portrait of the Spanish Aircraft Carrier Juan Carlos I !


Kris Christiaens and Gert Trachez got to stay on board and came back with an impressive number of photos of Harriers, helicopters, landing boats and more. This book is filled with action, but we also give you a closer look at the ship itself: the flight deck, the hangar deck, the accomodations and the large lower deck with the floodable aft area, where up to 4 landing crafts can be docked. We introduce you to the crew of the ship, but the stars of the book are the EAV-8B Matador II, the name the Harriers got from the Spanish Navy.


The final chapter in this book brings you to Rota air base, where the units active on board of the Juan Carlos I have their home base. We visit the maintenance hangar with Harriers, Sea Kings, Seahawks, AB-212 Hueys and much more.


This book is available now from us or from you favourite shop!

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