The F/A-18 Hornet has had a long career as the backbone of the US Navy, US Marines Corps and Air Forces around the world. With the all-round fighter jet being in its 4th decade of active service, we thought it would be a good moment to pay tribute to this formidable aircraft. Over 400 photos show the Hornet in action, in detail and in maintenance. With 140 pages, this book is our biggest yet and we offer you a close up to action and detail, including of the ATARS version of the D-model. Photos of aircraft from Spain, Switzerland, Finland, Canada, Australia and Malaysia provide you with every aspect of the Hornet, including the cockpit of both single seat and two-seat jets. This book is available as of September 15 from us for only 25 euro !

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DH016 - SF.260-001
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DH012 - MiG 31-001
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DH010 - Mirage F1-001_edited
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DH008 - Hornet-001
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